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Grant Aid for Young Athletes

April 2022 – Young volleyballer Joe Warner receives bursary from RAMSF

Joe is another recipient of a bursary from the RAMSF. The award certificate was presented by trustees minutes before Joe was due on court to contest the men’s Suffolk Volleyball Cup Final with the rest of Stowmarket team against Newmarket.

Joe was delighted to receive the award and is a thoroughly deserving recipient. He was nominated by Stowmarket Volleyball Club officials – not only for his personal playing contribution to the club but also for his involvement in setting up two junior clubs at his school and also his involvement in developing the ‘Team Suffolk’ squad.

As for the cash itself, Joe sees its use in two separate areas. Firstly, he wishes to use it to improve the standard of volleyball in the clubs he has been involved in setting up – training volleyballs, antennae, kit and also entry fees to tournaments to allow the youngsters gain more experience and ultimately, improve the level of their volleyball. Secondly Joe is keen to improve his own personal performance to reach the highest possible standard he can – so again, some money will go towards travelling to games/training sessions/tournaments as well supporting him in his attempts to attend more and higher-level training sessions. Joe is not only concerned with his personal development but is keen to use some of the money to improve his coaching skills so that he can further help other, less experienced players improve their game. Aspirations, all of which, Ron Ames would have thoroughly approved.

The story also featured in the East Anglian Daily Times:

Boost for Young Tennis Players

Three young tennis players from Stowmarket Tennis Club, Rory Flanagan and sisters Jessica and Verity Staines, are the latest recipients of bursaries from the Ron Ames Memorial Sports Fund.


The £750 award will support the promising players with access to coaching and competition as the summer unfolds and the recognition was much appreciated by club coach Matt Staines who commented: “The help from RAMSF will be a huge help towards the costs this year.”


The RAMSF is delighted to be supporting the efforts of the Stowmarket Tennis Club and looks forward to supporting other players in the years ahead.

First Award

The Ron Ames Memorial Sports Fund presented its very first bursary cheque to swimmer Joshua Bishop on 14/12/2019. Joshua is pictured here with members of Ron's family and coaches from the swimming club.

RAMSF 1st Award.jpg
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