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A memorial trust to provide grants to promising young athletes has been set up in the name of much-loved Stowmarket sports enthusiast, Ron Ames, who passed away in May 2018 at the age of 70.

A group of his friends and colleagues from the sports clubs he spent much of his time at, have set up a fund in his name to support young athletes, a cause he dedicated much of his life to.

The first meeting of the fund took place at Stowmarket Football Club in Bury Road in May 2019.

The idea behind the memorial fund is to establish a sustainable legacy to a much loved and respected person who was an active and successful member of the running, swimming and volleyball clubs in Stowmarket and who, for many years, helped and encouraged people of all ages in their chosen sport.

The aims of the charity are to encourage, motivate and support young members of the three stated sports clubs to enhance their involvement and opportunities in their chosen sport.

Small grants of around £200 will be given out to support individuals in any aspect of their sporting careers, be it equipment, transport and specialist coaching.

The grants will be awarded at the discretion of the board of the charity.

The trustees of the charity are Mark Ames, Tom Ames, Les Basham, Mark Emsley, Mervyn Evans, Sue Garrod, Nick Hammond, John Handley, Paul O’Keefe & Dennis Tattoo.  

Triatholon Swim
Vice Chairperson

Dennis Tattoo

Sue Garrod

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