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04/11/2019 - Minutes of meeting

RAMSF Agenda for Trustees meeting on Monday 4th November at the Crown.

Present -  Les Basham, Mervyn Evans,  Sue Garrod, Nick  Handley, and Paul O’keefe 

Apologies –  Mark Emsley, Nic Hammond, and Dennis Tattoo

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising (if not covered in items below)                 

The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated previously and were accepted as a true record. There were no matters arising from the minutes.

Election of Vice Chairperson                                                                                                            

Les explained that in Dennis’ absence, he had suggested that we should elect a vice chairperson for such an eventuality. Merv proposed Sue for the post, seconded by Les and passed unanimously. Sue took over the chairing of the meeting.

Secretary’s report (including the golf day)

A very brief report as matters to be covered had already been circulated. With re. to the golf Merv stated that thanks to the generosity of participants on the day (the winning team ‘passed’ on their prize money and two or three individuals made very generous donations) the expected money raised jumped from £200 to £500. Merv passed a cheque for that amount over to Les. Looking for ways to improve the event next year and to raise more money, it was suggested that ‘subsidiary’ events -  a raffle/auction/ bucket collection/ sponsoring of a hole etc. should be incorporated. Paul thought that the event had been a great success but wondered about increasing the entry fee next year. Sue suggested that as soon as a date has been firmed up an e-mail should go to all of this year’s teams inviting them back for the next event. Merv said he would do this and be happy to organise the golfing side of the event but would be looking for help with the ‘subsidiary’ money raising activities.

Treasurer's report                                                                                                                                          

Les explained that after 5 months of hard graft we have finally managed to open our bank account! Paul asked as to what sort of account it actually was and Les explained it all I detail. Les informed the group that Stow Striders choose three charities each year and donate the income from their ‘trail runs’ to the nominated three. This year, the club had chosen RAMSF as one of their charities and Den, Les, Merv, and Sue attended an event at the rugby club where the cheque was presented (figure below). Money had also come in from the golf day and from the Ames brothers, who donated money from their open water swimming nights.

So as things stand -          £1,110 from the trail runs

                                           £  500 from the golf day

                                           £  328 from the open swimming sessions

Grand Total  -                    £1,938


Paul asked if the account details could be circulated as some had expressed an interest in making a contribution and the details are needed for people to make a transfer. Merv to send the account information out with minutes these minutes. Paul said what a great start the fund had had and expressed surprise at how well Ron was known among all of the clubs. Les and Sue echoed this explaining how while not a ‘committee man’ he was a great club member. Nic told the same story from the running club – a great team player, never making a fuss about it, but just getting on with things that needed doing.

Forthcoming (2019/2020) events                                                                                                                          

Quiz –  Sue said that there will definitely be a quiz in the New Year. She explained that there was possibly going to be a potential clash with a running club one  but this has now been resolved and is no longer seen as a problem as the striders and  RAMSF will put it on together.  Sue didn’t foresee any problems with the naming of the event.  Merv is to  get a price and maximum number at Wetherden V.H. as well as contacting Graham to see if the Battisford Punchbowl might be a potential venue.  John said that there can be a lot of work for little money, but the social side is important.

A walk in May or June – Les explained that there are lots of routes available from the running club’s trail runs. Exact details to be formulated nearer the time BUT it would be something like – a Saturday or Sunday starting at a pub. There would be two routes (one longer, one shorter) available. Participants could walk/run/jog. £2 would ‘buy’ each participant a map, when finished there could be an option for food or just a drink. Les is happy to co-ordinate the event.

Golf Day. – August, same format as last year. Plenty of discussion on this above.


Catchment area of potential requests                                                                                                     

Paul raised a concern over the perception of the fund. Was it being viewed too much as a charity for hardship cases? Dennis has already alluded to this in a letter that he has sent out to clubs.  Paul considered that many youngsters are going to feel uncomfortable to put their hand up to ask for money, feeling embarrassed or uneasy.  John highlighted cases from the swim club where the committee was aware of need amongst some of its members but that perhaps we all need to explain further to our clubs that the fund is not JUST  for ‘hardship’ cases – after all Ron didn’t impose any criteria on the youngsters he worked with.  It was felt that we need to move away (as Dennis has already suggested) from the idea that we are just there for the ‘needy’. This is not the case. We should be looking to support ALL players/clubs in a wider range. Entry fees, equipment, travel for individuals, training halls/pools, coaches, school initiatives for clubs etc. etc. how do we get this message across? We have already started through Dennis’ letter to clubs. Paul asked if we could  get the message out in a more positive way  –  we need to take the message to the clubs and each club will have different needs – swimmers, perhaps more money for equipment and  entry fees, the volleyball club – coach education, hall hire – more individual approaches. We need to be more proactive in getting out to ALL three clubs and ask them for their ‘wish list’. Sue gave an example of a very wet and muddy x-country course where a good runner suffered positionally due to inappropriate footwear – a classic chance to say … about a pair of shoes? Can we help?                                                                                                                                   

Social media / website                                                                                                                       

We really are at a bit of a standstill on this at the moment.  Paul is going to speak to Steve and John and possibly his own IT guys to see if we can get something moving on the website front.  John felt that it should just be an information page.

FB – Les is still happy to be an administrator, but Paul asked what do we want the page to do?   Sue highlighted that we need to share our events on there. We discussed the accessibility of the page and the woefully low number of ‘members’ – it was decided that it should be an ‘open’ page  - and we spoke about the huge number of people who should be on the page – all of the clubs’ members (past and present) golf day participants, all those who attended the quiz. ALL trustees and supporters should encourage their friends to join/like.


Sue asked if we should be looking at a social get together in the summer? It was generally  thought that it was a good idea – not a fund raiser (maybe buckets again) but would be good to get people together. Rounders games, picnics possible BBQ, similar to the events events Ron used to organise in the summer on the Stowupland High School playing field.

Sue thought that to bring the walk/run forward to the beginning of May would encourage greater interest from the runners.

Date of next meeting, 20.1.20. 7.30pm at the Crown.

Vice Chairperson

Dennis Tattoo

Sue Garrod

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