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10/06/2019 - Minutes of meeting

RAMSF  1st. Meeting  of the trustees.  10.6.19


Present: Mark Ames, Mark Emsley, Mervyn Evans, Nik Hammond, John Handley, Dennis Tattoo

Apologies:  Les Basham, Sue Garrod and Paul O’keefe

Introductions – went around the table introducing ourselves and stating our link to Ron.


Dennis then thanked all for coming.


Minutes of IGM - Dennis asked if there were any matters arising after giving a resume to those who weren’t at the inaugural meeting. There were none.

Discussion of which logo to use for letterheads etc.  – with very many thanks to Steve Cooper for his designs. There was an unanimous decision on  one was favoured. It was a very professionally designed shield, featuring three sports people (one male, one female and one that could be either) participating in Ron’s three sports.

Banking Arrangements – Les has been working with Santander and Dennis and Les met their officials last week. Dennis explained that due to the law all trustees will be contacted and will be required to submit information. While this is being set up Stow volleyball club have kindly offered to ring fence any monies coming into the fund. Dennis hoped that our own account would be up and running by September. The Santander branch in Stow is due for closure soon, but there is one in Bury and Les visits quite regularly. Online banking is an option.


Fundraising  - Merv talked about the golf day. He is still looking for someone to help with a raffle or other money raising activities after the golf. Dennis mentioned the quiz, and hoped that Sue would carry it on again. We probably need a new venue as the other one is going downhill. The coach house at Thornham was mentioned by Nick who was asked to mention it to Sue.

Communication – Dennis asked if we were all happy to use a whatsap group for future communication. Everyone was happy even if some still needed to download the app!


Awarding grants – Dennis suggested that in time for September, using the logo and hopefully after the account has been opened, we would write officially to all three sports clubs explaining the thoughts behind the fund, and include an application form. Dennis will get out a letter to all of us for perusal. The application form could be completed electronically. When all three areas had received some awards Dennis would be looking for some press coverage – this would help getting the message out there. We do need to have some form of checking on the applicants. It was suggested that all applications should come to the secretary via the club committee/representative – there fore completed application forms should be returned in the first instance to the club committee/rep. This issue caused a lot of discussion among the trustees but with a final agreement that the application ‘route’ should be via the club’s committee.


RAMSF logo – See above

Dennis asked how we wanted to handle meeting dates. Three in the diary for the year? Or just the next one?  It was decided to do just one at a time with the next one being  – Monday 4th. November at the Crown, 7.30pm.


AOB – Dennis asked about social media – should we have a FB page? Yes was the unanimous answer – to advertise fundraisers, to let youngsters know that the fund exists, to advertise grants made (with recipients permission).  It was suggested that we should approach Andrew Whitefield. Mark Ames offered to take it on if Andrew declined the invitation!

John suggested that a ‘Pocket History of Ron’ should be written which could be used on the FB page and in any literature highlighting the fund. Mark said that he and Tom would be happy to put this together.

Mark asked if fund raising was the only income – no, some personal donations had been promised and the running club will be using RAMSF as one of their charities for this summer’s running events. Tom is doing some open water swimming and proceeds will be forwarded to the fund. A private firm has offered to put in £500 per annum for the next ten years. Nic suggested a possible cycle ride, which all agreed would be a good idea.

Mark (E) asked about the upper age group for applicants, was  there a ‘cut off’ age – not specified but the term ‘young athlete’ has been used but this could be flexible as long as it stays within the spirit of the award.

Meeting finished at 8.35.

Vice Chairperson

Dennis Tattoo

Sue Garrod

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