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02/09/2023 - Minutes of meeting

Minutes for Annual General Meeting 2023 

Lakeside Café, Onehouse, near Stowmarket  

Saturday 2nd September 10.30am

Present – Les Basham, Merv Evans, Sue Garrod, Paul O’Keefe, John Raffel and Dennis Tattoo.

Apologies – Simon Browne, Steve Cooper and Nick Hammond 


1. Minutes of previous AGM - all accepted. Any outstanding issues will be covered in this agenda.  


1a. All officers were elected unopposed and all were happy to continue in their roles.


2. Chair’s report  

Dennis highlighted that he had had an ‘interesting’ year on a number of fronts, all of which had inhibited his work on RAMSF matters.  

Despite not being quite as active as usual he wished to thank a number of people.  Thanks to all of the officers and also to Paul who has been terrifically supportive – even to the extent of driving up from London for the AGM. Many thanks to John for his work in overseeing the website. Thanks to Nic as well for his cycle ride support and to Tom for his open water swimming.  Dennis did have some thoughts on future issues which are raised later in these minutes.  


3. Financial report  

Les distributed accounts. There has not been a huge amount of movement financially – income from the golf day being the single biggest change.  As requested in last year’s AGM, the accounts have been checked and audited by an independent party. Two later payments, one to John for the website domain fee and one to Merv for trophy engraving are recent payments that do not appear on the sheet. There have been three bursaries made. There was discussion on the bursaries and the recipients and it was generally felt that those in receipt have used the money well. John suggested that we should add some ‘stories’ to the website – Den suggested we do a piece on Joe (who has used his bursaries to support volleyball development in the area) and Sue is happy to speak to him to ascertain exactly what he has achieved with his bursary. There was general discussion on how many bursaries have been granted over the three years. Den suggested perhaps a bit in the local press. Les to look at past bursaries, and make a ‘totalled list’ of all bursaries, so, as Paul suggested, as we reach various milestones, we can highlight them in the local press. While writing these minutes up, Les has done his research – total income since inception £10,063.10, total bursaries made £4,500. Following on from Paul’s suggestion, perhaps when we hit £5,000 we hold some event (with some of the recipients?) to publicise our success. 

4. Secretary’s report 

In an attempt to encourage more applications from local youngsters I sent a ‘tester’ letter to a local head explaining our aims and asking if she had any pupils who might benefit from a bursary from us. I did not receive a reply! Once schools are back and settled into the autumn term, I will re-send the email but this time to heads of all Stowmarket schools. Stowupland would be included in this and Paul suggested it would be a good idea to highlight to the present Head (John has a contact for him) Ron’s involvement at the school in the past. While discussing various related issues the golf day came under discussion. Paul suggested considering ‘spreading our wings’ and moving the event to a longer, more established course. Merv agreed to an extent and felt that this year, although very successful as always, it was, from an organisational perspective, a little ‘stale’.  There was extensive discussion, with the major concern being the cost of such a move and a potential change of personnel and ethos. The outcome is for Merv to talk with Steve  Cooper and make enquiries to ascertain the credibility of such a move and then to report back. Press reports and photos of this year’s golf, were sent to the Bury Free Press, EADT and the ‘In Touch’ group. (Again, while writing up these minutes, I have done some early research on moving the golf day venue – before speaking to Steve Cooper, the green fee PER PLAYER at Stowmarket on a Saturday would be £75 or £300 per team. It would not be possible to have a shotgun start) 


5. Plans for 2023-4 


5a. The Mix. Den mentioned the Mix re. his son working there. Den asked if we should consider making contributions to any needy individuals/families. All agreed it was worth looking at if the ‘needs’ were of a sporting nature. 


5b. Den has made contact with 4/5 sports clubs explaining our charity and aims. Like Merv’s letter to the school, he received no response – with the exception of the rugby club. Den made a follow up contact but this time it came to nothing.  Sue suggested perhaps a personal approach – to go and meet the coaches face to face might be worthwhile. Les was surprised at the lack of response citing, the rugby club as being very proactive. He mentioned the possibility of the running club moving there – seems to be a bit of a ‘central hub’ at present with a running track possibly being laid there.  


5c. Golf day - already discussed.  


5d. Den asked Sue about a possible quiz, Sue thought January. Den thought that these ideas (along with the bike ride and open swimming) were enough for the year. Les explained why there hadn’t been a trail run. Paul wondered about taking a box at ITFC for a match as a money raiser. Paul given the task of pursuing the idea. There was a brief discussion on the ‘small charity’ position – John and Les explained the situation as they saw it at present. It appears that we are well within the limits of being a ‘small’ charity.  Den to check with the charity commission.  


6. Any other business 

Les mentioned Nic’s cycle event on the 24th September – from Elmswell – Lavenham return.  


Date of next meeting and the 2024 AGM to be confirmed.

Vice Chairperson

Dennis Tattoo

Sue Garrod

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