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20/05/2019 - Notice of the inaugural Meeting for the Ron Ames Memorial Sports Fund RAMSF

It was only a short while ago that we were reporting firstly, the tragic passing of Ron Ames and secondly, his winning of the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at the prestigious Stowmarket Town Awards. It is now the time to announce the time and date of the Inaugural Meeting of the Ron Ames Memorial fund where the purpose and aims of the fund will be discussed. The meeting will be open to all – runners, swimmers, volleyball players, friends or simply members of the public interested in listening to the intended aims of the fund.

So – what is the fund and the meeting all about?


The idea behind the memorial fund is to establish a sustainable legacy to a much loved and respected person who was an active and successful member of the running, swimming and volleyball clubs in Stowmarket and who, for many years, helped and encouraged people of all ages in their chosen sport.


The fund will be managed by a legally constituted charity, the Ron Ames Memorial Sports Fund.


The aims of the charity will be to encourage, motivate and support young members of the three stated sports clubs to enhance their involvement and opportunities in their chosen sport. Small grants (up to £200) will support individuals for any aspect of his or her involvement at the discretion of the trustees, including, for example items of equipment, help with transport and access to specialist coaching.


So where and when is this meeting that will put in place not only a lasting legacy to such a great local hero, but will also provide financial help to sporting youngsters for years to come? It will be  held at:





Interested -  but don’t want to get ‘roped in’ to committee meetings and fundraising events?  That is not a problem, please come along to listen to the plans. Obviously for those who wish to get involved further, the door will be wide open, and all positive ideas, and offers of involvement, will be gratefully received. But there will be no pressure put on those attending to involve themselves further.

Really hope to see you there – the first step of a very exciting journey!

Vice Chairperson

Dennis Tattoo

Sue Garrod

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